Monday, October 01, 2007


Wow I checked my hits today and I'm almost at 20,000 visitors. By this time tomorrow I will be over 20,000 visits. That's so crazy. Who would have thought that people would come visit that much. Kinda cool kinda creepy weird. Go figure.

Work is crazy. I'm just so lost. I try really hard and I think I'm doing okay. But every day there is something that comes up that I don't know and I'm lost again. According to the palm reader it should be better in about 12-18 months! Are you kidding me. I was hoping for 6 or 8 more crazy weeks but no. I was asking Libby the other supervisor about it today. And she said that the palm reader is right and I'm wrong. She said to not count on it getting much easier for quite awhile. She said it took her at least a year to get comfortable so I guess I've got a long wait ahead of me. Hopefully I won't suck to much in the meantime.

Off to do homework!


Acire said...

20,000 visitors is a lot!!!!!

My weigh in for today is -1 pound again. Not great, but I'll take it.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Congratulations. I'm visitor 20,007 with this visit. Have a great day. :)

Laura said...

Wow congrats on 20,000! Stay strong at work, I totally feel your pain. Just keep doing your best :)

Weigh in: Ugh, not wanting to post this. I have GAINED 0.8 lbs. I'm very annoyed, because okay, I kind of blew it last week but this week I have been really good!! I'll keep truckin with it and hit the gym tomorrow night.