Saturday, October 13, 2007


This is a crazy little genogram post so you may have to struggle to follow along. But let's all work together and see if I can walk you through it. My brother Shawn married Amanda. Amanda has a mom named Debbie. Debbie is my brother's mother-in-law so I call her my bro-mother-in-law. That's a confusing little conundrum isn't it.

Well anyways Debbie my bro-mother-in-law is a pretty cool gal. I first met her the week prior to Shawn and Amanda's wedding several years ago. Since they got married the weekend after Thanksgiving we got to enjoy the holiday and the wedding together. Debbie and my mom hit it off and had a great time together. Debbie thought my jokes about my fat foot not fitting in the bridesmaid shoes was funny and I thought she was a good cook. We partied like crazy after the wedding and had a great time! We all even cried when we had to leave after a week together. It was just one of those connections we all made quickly but strongly.

After the wedding we all continued to stay in touch. Debbie reads my blog religiously (Hi Debbie) and even joined my blogging biggest loser challenge. When my mom got cancer Debbie visited her caringbridge website daily and left so many encouraging messages for my mom.

After my mom died last year we knew the holidays would be hard. That's when Heather and I scheduled the Tour De Turkey Thanksgiving Travel Fest. We went to Shawn and Amanda's first and had dinner on Thanksgiving day with them and Debbie and the rest of their family. Debbie knew it would be a hard day for us and was ready to pass out mom hugs, share a cry, and feed us some awesome Thanksgiving food! We appreciated having a family meal with someone that knew and loved our mom and understood that the crying didn't mean the food was bad.

Well now Debbie needs my hugs and my prayers. And she needs your prayers too. That's why I'm posting. Debbie has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be meeting with a surgeon on Monday. Debbie is one feisty amazing gal and I have a feeling she is going to fight this with gusto. But she needs our prayers to help give her some additional strength. My prayer today is that Debbie find comfort and strength in God and that the surgeons be skilled and follow the will of God in treating this cancer! So my Debbie, my bro-mother-in-law, keep your head up, your hands folded, and remember your not alone. You've got God, you've got me, and you've got my mom as your special angel! Let the battle towards better begin!!!



Laura said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear that news Jessie. Breast cancer is one of the causes that I donate my time and money to every year; I really want to see it come to an end. I will say some prayers for Debbie.

Natalie said...

She'll definitely be in my prayers. Both my grandma and her twin sister are breast cancer survivors, so I definitely feel a connection when I hear or read about breast cancer. I wish her a speedy and full recovery!

Debbie Smith said...

Thanks Jessie

I appreciate the prayers. I go to the doctor on Tuesday (it got changed) I will let you know what we are doing after that.

Love Debbie

Julie said...

Thinking of Debbie (and your Mom!), and sending all my good karma her way!