Friday, March 10, 2006

To Cut or Not

Okay the debate of the week at work has been over circumcision. Should people circumcise their little boys or not.... I say NO! Pretty much everyone else says yes. I don't get this. Why in the heck would you cut something off of your baby. If little boys weren't supposed to wear hats why would God give them one to start out with???? Why would you inflict pain on your baby for no reason??? Won't the rest of the "weinis" as Darby called it today get cold???

There is just no way I could do this to my kid. Most of the ladies said it's for hygiene purposes and to reduce infections. However, I have been doing some research tonight and some studies say that circumcised men tend to have more urinary tract infections than those that are uncircumcised. So I say keep the skin!

If some doctor wanted to cut off part of a little girls clitoris people would be in an uproar. In fact some famous celebrities are trying to stop such things in other countries. But we just line our little boys up for a snip snip here and a snip snip there. I just don't get how you take away a part of their little bodies for no reason. There has to be some happy little feelers in that skin. Little nerve endings that would make them very happy someday. My guess is that if all men were able to keep there foreskin there would be less fighting in the world. Just think in their first day of life they learn that lights are way to bright, it's pretty cold on the outside and that people will cut up your wiener if you give them the chance. No wonder men have issues!!!! Just say no to clipping!!!!

I told the gals at the office that I would put our little debate out there on the website and let you all decide.... I'm sure that my kind and sensitive readers are on my side here... :-)



Uncle Pavian said...

As far as I know, except for religious reasons, there isn't any reason for ritual genital mutilation. Except the couple hundred dollars the OB/GYN makes off the procedure, of course.

Darbis said...

now i must clarify!!! "weinis" is not my word!!! it's one someone else mentioned to me the other day and i thought this was so funny!!!