Sunday, April 16, 2006


It was a great Easter at our house! Mom was actually able to go to church!!! That is huge for her. However, it was so dang hot in the church I thought I was gonna get sick so I had to leave after the sermon. But mom who is always cold was fine and made it through the whole service. She even was wearing one of the new tops that Heather and I got her for Easter. She looked nice in something that fits and a pretty scarf. How she can have cancer and still look so pretty I will never know.

Mom got me cool stuff in my Easter basket. I got some flowers that I planted this evening. Pencils which I needed but was a little bit of a joke, money, just a little candy, some teddy grahams, some crackers I like, and a cool rabbit rock for my flowers beds. Heather however got two thongs. And not the kind you wear on your feet. I swear she has to be the only person in the world that gets thongs in their Easter basket. But it's what she wanted so it's what she got. She is a funny girl!

Mowed all day yesterday at mom's house. I was so dirty and gross. I don't know how there is any dirt left in her yard! I had to wash my hair three times to get it all out. YUCK! But the yard looks nice so that is good. We also got some flowers planted for her and they look pretty. She's happy with it and that is the most important thing. I sure wouldn't mind if her yard would shrink overnight sometime though. It's HUGE.

Today after I left mom's house I came home and cleaned house and planted flowers. I got all my bulbs planted and the plants she gave me. I'm holding out a couple more weeks on my hanging baskets and pots. I like to put vinca's in my hanging baskets and they don't start selling them till the very end of April or early May. So I'm gonna be patient and wait them out. It was nice to be out and get some of that done. I'm getting one heck of a tan already. Granted it's only on my arms and face but they sure do look good. I'm digging the tan. That is the only pay off for mowing!


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