Monday, April 10, 2006

Long Post

Okay this is gonna be a long post. I haven't posted in days and I'm getting emails from people. So now I have a lot to fit in one veryyyyy long post. So go to the bathroom, get a snack and hold on tight...


Felt sicker than a dog in the morning. My stomach hurt so bad all night and most of the early part of the day. I just couldn't get it to stop hurting. I still haven't figured out what was wrong with me. But it sucked.

Darby's sister Courtney is pregnant and her baby shower was Saturday afternoon so I went to that. It was pretty fun for a baby shower. Usually they are lame but it was a good time. And there was free soda. I like free soda! And nuts and cake. But I didn't like the cake so much. So I had soda and nuts. Yummy! If my stomach didn't hurt before that it sure would have afterwards huh....

After the shower I took black and white pictures of a very pregnant Courtney. They turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. I will post one of my favorite ones now....

See isn't that a cool picture! I really like it. There were a lot of them that I liked but that has to be one of my favorites. I really should quit the whole social work thing and just take pictures. I would like that more!

Okay after the pictures got done I wanted to leave. I needed to go see my mom. Well you have to have keys to go somewhere! And my keys were no where to be found. We searched all over and couldn't find the damn things. So after an hour I called a friend to bring me some spares. What a pain in the butt!

So I take my spare keys and take myself to my moms. We hang out and that is fun. She is still kinda sickly on Saturday so not to great. But better than Friday. So after I've been their several hours Darby's dad calls me. They found my keys. IN THEIR BED!!! How weird is that. I swear I was not in their bed. I don't know how my keys got there. Very weird!!!


All I did was mow mom's yard. That is a day job. It's freaking huge. But Guillermo came out and helped me for a little bit so that was nice. I got a sun burn on my arms. Yes I used sunscreen but I still got burned. I how it doesn't peel. I hope it turns into a tan. The only payoff for all the mowing is a nice tan. That would be good.


WORK! Actually it was a good day. One of the kids that has been on my caseload forever got an APA signed today. That is an adoption placement agreement. That is almost being adopted. We just have to finish up some paperwork and get the court to finalize the adoption and she will be done and off to a new little life. I was pretty pleased we got that done today. Made me happy on the inside.

Hung out this evening with mom. She is doing much better today. That is very good. She scared the crap out of me on Friday so she needed to get better. She can only scare me like that once a month. That is my limit. She has been advised that she can't do anything scary for another 27 days. She better keep her end of the deal.

Peace out!

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