Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good Times

My mom had a great day today! After I got off work we went and drove around town and looked at houses. The court stuff with her and Monte is moving ahead and hopefully she will be able to move soon. Now it's just a matter of finding a house that meets her needs and is in her price range! But God will provide. I'm sure of that.

I've been telling Darby for months that I was going to post about her Jeep and haven't done it. Today I rode in it and it was fairly cleaned out. Usually it is crazy!!! Today the only odd things I found was a tiger thing and an inflatable guitar. Usually there are all kinds of toys, food, bags, books, etc. One time there was even an oven mit in that thing! She said that she used the oven mit to keep Caden's bottle warm... Silly girl! One time there was even this toy rabbit thing of Caden's. It made sounds and moved a little but I swear it looked like a dead animal! It scared the crap out of me!!!

What's bad is that when I got in my car to leave work I realized that her weird car collection is contagious. I'm hauling around all kinds of stuff that people have donated for my mom's garage sale and my car now looks like Darby's jeep. I have mismatched coffee cups, an odd pillow thing, some wall decorations, two boxes of Kleenex, some books, a yoga mat, and about 800 drinking straw wrappers. So since my car is dirty I'm sure it is somehow Darby's fault. She has passed it on to me!!!


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Darbis said...

yea yea yea....it's always my fault!! and for the record....just like the dryer sheet, the oven mitt was my lovely husband's doing! i don't want to take any credit for his creativeness!!! LOL oh and by the way miss jess...i am keeping this to compare with your car when you have a baby too!!! love-darbis