Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Home Now

Heather and I went to Rockville Indiana to be with Venus for her dad's funeral. Rockville is in Parke County Indiana. We didn't know it until we got there but Parke County is the covered bridge capital of the world. There are bunch of covered bridges. So while yes we were there for a sad occasion we did make time to take a little tour of the covered bridges. It's our dad's fault. He always made us do educational things everywhere we went. One of our favorite quotes from him is, "How many people in the world have the opportunity to see the Monet's?" We had already seen them once in Boston but he made us go again in Vegas. So we figured if he was there he would make us go see the covered bridges. We could just hear him say, "How many people in the world have the chance to visit the covered bridge capital." So we went and it was cool and we have pictures to show for it. He would be oh so proud!

The funeral was very sad. I felt so bad for Venus. She is just devastated. But she will be okay. That's the odd thing about life. Even when your heart is broken it still beats. Human beings are absolutely amazing! No matter what we just keep pushing through. I have no doubt that she will end up coming through this okay. It will be tough but she will be okay.

The trip to Indiana was a bit of a nightmare. The weather was horrible. There were tornados all around us. They kept coming on the radio and saying all these counties were in tornando warnings. But since we didn't know what county we were in it didn't help us much. We passed a silo that was laying right along the side of the road and their were billboards down all over. There were four semi's laid down in the west bound lane. It was pretty much a mess! Ignorance is bliss. It finally got dark and we decided that if a tornado came at us at least we wouldn't be able to see it before it killed us so at least we wouldn't be scared. Monday morning we watched the news and I guess there were like 60 tornados spotted all along the route we took and 25 people were killed. We were dang lucky!!! God sure takes care of us.

Mapquest gave us some really jacked up directions so we ended up going 1 1/2 hours out of the way. We were out in the middle of nowhere. And in all honesty we were scared to stop. I was afraid we might get raped and pillaged by farmers with pitchforks! So luckily half of Rockville communicated with us by cell phone and got us to the hotel in a very screwed up but successful way. What did people do before cell phones????

Rockville was an interesting little place. Heather and I ate dinner at a little cafe that had FABULOUS onion rings. We also got dinner and a show there since they had kareoke! Crazy I know. Only the two of us. I swear no one but Heather and I were under the age of 65 and they were all singing old country songs about sex. We were cracking up. Very odd.

The trip home today was a piece of cake compared to the trip there. The weather was great. Traffic was not to bad and the only problem was that the sun was burning into my eyeballs as I was driving through KC. Yippeeee nothing like driving when you can't see.

Glad we are home safe and sound. I'm hoping Venus will be able to get some rest tonight. I know she isn't feeling to great. She has got to be just emotionally exhausted. Cricket goes back to New Orleans tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to get back to her routine. Heather is back to school. I go back to work tomorrow.


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