Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Today is my two year anniversary at my job. Feels like about 10 though. So I got my lovely evaluation today. Actually it was really good. I've met all my goals for the year. In fact I supposed to have 50% relative placements and I'm above that which is good because everyone else at work is below that so I'm carrying the weight. I'm also the only person at my office that has genograms done for every client. That's not a big shocker considering that I love to do genograms. It's fun for me. But anyways the eval is good so hopefully I will get my 3% raise. It's not much but I want it.

This year we aren't guaranteed the 3% raise like before. Now we get a $100 bonus for each year of work and then a possibility for a raise. I would be pretty upset if I didn't get the whole 3% though. I've had to train two case managers now this year not to mention the amount of time I carried the caseloads on my own. And meeting my goals should get it anyways. So hopefully they will give it to me! I could use the money...

Don't know much else.


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