Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Well it's Good Friday and it was a good Friday. Work was well CRAZY. I swear the weirdest things happen at my job. I supervised this visit today with Leslie the new case manager and it has to rank in my top 5 list of the weirdest visits I've ever supervised. Leslie was laughing so hard she was crying and I was just praying for the time to move faster. So freaking weird!

Everyone pretty much left early from work so then just Darby and I were left. That was kind of nice. We got time to visit. We have determined that we have completely crazy stressful lives. I don't understand why being a grown up has to be so hard sometimes. Her mom is also having some health problems and it is just so very stressful. Once those roles change and your parents get sick it is just a whole new world. It sucks that we are going through it all but I'm so grateful that I have a best friend that understands my craziness! God puts people in our lives for a reason!

Heather came home this afternoon which is good. I just love seeing that girl. She has such a fun little life for herself at school and I love hearing her stories. She sometimes makes me wish I would have gone away for college when I was her age. I said sometimes though. There is a lot of it that I wouldn't like. How she lives with 7 other girls I will never know. But she loves it. So that is all that matters.

Mom was doing better tonight. Still not feeling to great. But better than yesterday. Tomorrow we are having a big work day at her house. My uncles are coming to help and Roy is going to help so we should get a lot done. The guys are gonna work on putting a new fence up around her lagoon and Heather and I are going to mow and plant flowers so it should be productive.

I went to buy flowers tonight. I got the one's for mom's house and they are pretty. Just petunia's and geraniums right now. But they will be nice. I also got some lilly bulbs and elephant ear bulbs for my house. I'm hoping we can get all mom's flowers planted tomorrow so then I can plant my bulbs on Sunday.

I wasn't excited about the flower planting this year at all. I think with everything else going on I just couldn't go there yet. But I started walking through the greenhouse today and just got excited. So I'm ready now. All those beautiful blooms made me feel like life just goes on. No matter how much your heart hurts things just continue... So I might as well plant some flowers and make my yard pretty while I'm struggling...

Over and Out!


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