Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hell of a Day

Woke up this morning feeling not so great. Thought I had a urinary tract infection so I made a doctor's appointment. Since it's Saturday I had to go do the lab work at the hospital and that took forever. Then of course I was right so I got my lovely prescriptions. Was supposed to be out at mom's and was already running way late. But I had a package of shake stuff to mail to Shawn and Amanda so I stopped off at the post office.

I was just meandering up to the post office and for no good reason decided to trip on my feet and wipe out! Thank God shake aren't breakable. So even though my ankle hurt like hell I jumped right up and pretended I was fine. I was so flipping embarrassed!

Since I'm such a dedicated Reliv distributor I limped my crippled butt into the post office and stood in line FOREVER to mail my package. I finally get to the counter and all I remember is the guy asking me if I want priority mail and my response was "I don't care I'm gonna pass out." Then I wake up on the floor of the post office with one guy saying he will get me water and another guy saying that he didn't think I hit my head when I fell outside! For the LOVE OF GOD!!! Why does this crap happen to me!!!

I don't know why I passed out. The doctor this it may have been a combination of the pain, the heat, the infection, everything. My blood sugar was fine and I felt fine before that other than the shooting pain in my leg! So now I have a swollen foot, it burns when I pee and my pride is badly damaged. I'm just having a great freaking weekend!

By the time I got to mom's house I just laid in the recliner and cried for a little bit. It's pretty bad when the person with PANCREATIC CANCER is getting around better than you. She actually got me an icepack for my ankle! Mom's are great!

So now I'm hoping the swelling will go down soon and the pain will go away. If it's still hurting a lot on Monday I'm supposed to have it x-rayed to make sure it's not broken. Yippee!


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