Monday, April 24, 2006


Well I'm just limping through the day. My ankle still sucks. Had an x-ray today and it's not broken but the doc thinks I may have torn my ligaments so I had an MRI on that. The results should be in in the morning. Hopefully that isn't the case. That would really suck!

Been working Reliv today since I was home from my real job. I'm hoping that I can get this off the ground and get to making some more money soon. I keep praying I could turn this into my only job. It would be a miracle for me to be working from home so I could be available to mom when she needed me. Somehow if that is God's plan it will happen! I just know it!!!

So I'm gonna limp back on to the living room so I can get on my training call. Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


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