Monday, April 17, 2006


Well I'm officially a distributor for Reliv now. That's the shakes that my mom is taking. Well I'm taking them too and so is half my family. And they are working. Mom's cancer markers are down, I'm feeling good and my blood sugar is good. I've never been a person to sell things but I believe in this product. It's just good nutrition and that can't hurt anything. I figure none of us get the good stuff we need in our daily diet. So if we add it in with the shakes and give our body the food it needs to fight disease we will all be better off. And if I'm gonna tell people about it I might as well be able to provide them with it. Had a training thing all night tonight and I'm worn out but excited. I think this could be a very good opportunity for me. It may give me the chance to make some extra money and still have time with mom. That would be a miracle!


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