Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bad Day

Nothing has gone quite right today. I woke up this morning to fire in my throat! I seriously thought my tonsils may be cooking in there. So I called and got an appointment with the doctor. They couldn't see me till 2:15 so rather than rest like I should have I decided to paint the spare bedroom.

I had gotten this beautiful color of paint and got right to it. Even though my throat and ears were killing me I pushed through and painted like a crazy women. It looked all good and I went to shower. I came back to check it right before I left to go to the doctor and it had dried. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! Seriously it dried almost black. It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. It was totally not right! It made the room look like a little cave!

So I went to my doctor's appointment and then back to the paint store. Thank God paint is cheap! I have strep throat and tonsillitis! Don't ask me how that happens... I just know that it sucks! I have a wonderful Z-Pak and some pretty new paint. I came home from my appointment and fell asleep. I slept until 9 and then got up and painted... The room is now done and it is pretty. Not dark like before. So I'm happy now.

I still feel pretty yucky but not nearly as bad. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll be back to myself. I'm babysitting Bel and Jorgen tomorrow so I'm not gonna do much with the house. So at least I got the spare room done... Wouldn't want to waste any time... Now I'm going back to bed!


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Julie said...

LOVE the Z-pack. Hope you're feeling better!