Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Oh my body hurts so bad! All the painting and packing and unpacking and hauling of things is taking it's toll. Starting to workout again this week on top of it doesn't help the pain either. I'm ready to go back to work so I can take a break. I've done more manual labor in the last three months than I have my entire life combined! Crazy!!!

The computer room is painted and decorations are hung. I still need to get the cabinet doors back on and haul a ton of stuff to the shop. Shocking! The shop is HUGE and it is FULL. Like way to full. We have too much stuff. I see one huge garage sale in the near future.

I had to use Kilz to cover the panel in the computer room and the fumes were way bad. So to save poor Lena and myself we went out for awhile this morning. We went to the dog park for an hour. Lena ran around like a crazy girl and I read. I feel so sorry for her because at the new house the yard isn't fenced in so she doesn't get off the leash unless we are at the park. And that only happens a couple times a week. I'm hoping that when my old house sales I will make enough that I can afford to fence in the yard here for her. She really needs the running and playing time each day. Lets all say a prayer for Lena that the house will sell soon!

That's what I know. I'm gonna crash hard tonight!


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