Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It was a good day today. Very busy but very good. I got Bel and Jorgen at 7:30 today and kept them till 5:30. They keep a girl on her toes! Two is way harder than one. Jorgen is little but he is hard to juggle when Miss Bel wants all your attention. I don't know how parent's do it all the time! I didn't even get my makeup on until 4:45... Crazy!

Bel kept asking me for a job. So I put her to work. She helped me unpack DVD's and put them away and helped fold towels. Then she said she wanted an outside job that paid money! Since she isn't big enough to mow... well at least not in the US... I had to get creative. So I told her that for each pinecone she picked up out of the yard I would pay her a penny. I thought it would keep her busy for quite awhile. Well about 8 minutes later that kid brought me 264 pinecones! And then she explained that she didn't want all pennies... So I forked over the money and she was quite a happy camper... That kid cracks me up!

Went to Heather's Volleyball game tonight. They charged me $6.00 to get in the door and then she didn't even get to play. Frustrating!!! I know she hates just standing there but she sure looked cute. We went to dinner afterwards and that was cool. I had started to really miss her and I don't think she is coming home this weekend so I'm glad I went tonight.

Lena is wanting some attention so I better get...


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Julie said...

V. cute! Does she do windows?