Monday, September 25, 2006

Busy Gal

I've gotten so much accomplished today! I went to bed at 9:00 last night and woke up at 7:00 this morning! Talk about well rested. I think it must have been just what I needed because I feel really good today. Bye Bye Cold!

I worked out and then went over to my old house. I packed up a bunch of stuff to bring over here, threw away a lot of junk and made another big bunch of stuff to garage sale. Then I brought the stuff that I was moving over here and unpacked every bit of it! Then I painted a shelf a different color so it will match the new room. And all that was before noon!!!! I rock!

Lena and I played for a little bit this afternoon before I got back on it. I went to pick up my new glasses. I love them! Then I washed my car and headed back to the old house. I packed up some books and brought them back over here. And now I'm done for the day! I'm reading and hanging with Lena the rest of the evening.

Oh Lena's most recent trick... We have a cedar chest in front of the picture window. It has a lamp on it. One of those lamps that you touch and it turns on. It also has a blanket thing over the top of chest and that's what the lamp sits on. Well I had noticed for a couple of days that the lamp would be on and I didn't remember turning it on and that the blanket was a bit messed up. I thought maybe Lena was tugging on the blanket... But today I walked in the room after my shower and the lamp was on and Miss Lena was sitting on the chest looking out the window. So I guess when she jumps up there she turns the lamp on. I'm not sure that I like this trick as it means that I have to fix the blanket more often. But she sure is cute and she really loves to watch people go by so I guess I won't fight it.... Sneaky little Lena!



Portnoy said...

wow - your day exhausted me!

plus i think i'm getting your cold.

Anonymous said...