Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not My Day

Nothing has gone quite right today. This morning I walked into my living room to find Miss Lena chewing on this little wooden apple that had been painted red. So Lena was red, and my brand new white area rug was red. And all I could see was red. I was pretty ticked to say the least. Luckily an hour worth of work with Spot Shot worked and I got the red out of my rug. However, Miss Lena has yet to come clean. This is what she looks like...

Then to top it off when I took her out tonight she started barking at a cat. She chased it over by my bedroom window.. Not a big deal... Except it wasn't a cat. It was a skunk!!! It sprayed her and since my window was open my house... So now she has had two regular baths and a tomato juice bath and she is still red and is still stinky! Really it's not a good day here!



Peg said...

Oh no! Skunked!

I must admit, though, your pooch looks adorable, red snout and all!

Here's to today being a better day!


Laura said...

Awww! That look of innocence. Bet you can't see red for long looking into that soppy face.

Bobby Griffin said...

Sorry dogs are devils too, I know how you feel! :-(

Cricket said...

Jess, as with all my Grand babies, (including the Grand-dog) they are perfect. Your Dad says she is the dog version of Morghan.
Love you,
Cricket and Dad

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was giggling, you pooch is too cute, nefariously so.

Sorry to hear about the skunk. My dogs get it often, only thing that really works is a few days of outside air, and rolling around in the grass.

Anonymous said...

super cute doggie!