Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good Day

I had a really good day today. Feels weird to say that... I guess it's been awhile. I went to see Heather today. We had lunch and then I wandered around while she went to volleyball practice. We met up afterwards and just hung out and talked. Nothing really big but it was a nice afternoon. She cracks me up!

She is also one of the few people I feel really safe with right now. It's odd but I think because I'm a bit emotionally fragile I have a hard time calming down and feeling really safe with people. My emotions change so quickly and there aren't many people that I trust can handle that. Really it's pretty much Heather, Darby, Steve, Cricket, and my Aunts. My Dad tries really hard to be there for us and support us but I think I have a hard time being real about it with him because when we hurt it gets to him so much. So I kinda fake it with him... I know I shouldn't do it but I do. I just don't want to hurt him.

Okay that was a long way to say that I had a great day with Heather and that when I lose it she doesn't care. So that's the deal.

I know I swore off painting but as I sit in this computer room and type it is driving me crazy! The walls are paneled and there are no windows and it is making me claustrophobic. So tomorrow this room is getting painted.. Fun times!



Julie said...

I know what you mean about being only able to talk to some people when you feel like you're gonna lose it. Yeah, there's definitely some close friends that I have where you just want them to listen and not say anything, but usually they turn it back around to themselves or they try to give you advice.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! You need a really good day. In fact, I hope you have lots of them in the days ahead.

I find that the best days are just like this, ordinary days where nothing is really schedule or done, but the experience of having people to share it with make the day what it is.