Sunday, September 24, 2006

Trying Again

Okay I'm gonna try this again... For the past two days I've been about half way through my post and my computer freezes up! It's only when I try to post on this blog... I don't get it! So we will try again.

I'm feeling a bit better but this pesky cold is just holding on. I think it has issues with letting go. I'm gonna call the doc tomorrow and see about getting another round of antibiotics. I go back to work on October 2nd and I'd really like to be feeling better by then. I would hate to go back to work sick after such a long period of time off work.

This morning I decided that I would weigh. I haven't weighed in weeks. In fact I haven't ate healthy or worked out in weeks. Not good! So this morning I knew I was going grocery shopping after church so I would be eating healthy this week so I better weigh and figure out how far off track I had gotten. Shockingly I have stayed the same! I don't know how!!! But I'll take it. I have noticed the past couple days that my pants have been a little snug. I'm sure that's from not working out. So after church I went on a walk with Lena. Tomorrow I'll get back to the hard core workout. But a walk was a good start. It's a beautiful day. Hopefully the ticker will move a bit next Sunday!

I got the garage cleaned out so I can actually park my car in it! What a concept!! It's pretty nice. The only problem is that the garage door opener is ancient and doesn't work all the time. It's got some issues. But at least I can park inside. Pretty cool.

Okay I'm not gonna push it and try to write much more... I'm afraid the computer will lock up again.



Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the comment! things are getting better. :) i hope things are getting better for you computer wise as well!!! haha.

have a great night! thanks for visiting my blog! feel free to come back!

Debbie said...

I am glad you wrote, wondered if you were all right. Hey did you find your cell phone. I wish I could park my car in my garage.

Anonymous said...

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Irene Tuazon said...

Hope you feel better soon. Enjoying your blog. Keep at it! c",)

Julie said...

All right! That's really fab, that the scale didn't go up, esp. with all of the stress you've been under lately. I'm excited you're launching back into exercise. Me too. I brought my flip flops to work today and am planning on taking a nice walk at lunch. :-)