Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today I had my Family Therapy class. It's actually a pretty interesting class. The best part is that we have two papers and two tests and that's it for assignments. No group projects, no role playing, no stupid filler assignments. Thank God for that. I hate busy work! The bad part is that the instructor never remembers my name.

Today he did attendance and said my name right. Right after that he called me up to give me a copy of the syllabus and then as I was walking off he called me Jancy. I corrected him and said no it's Jessie. 15 minutes into class he looked at me and said, "Jancy what are your thoughts." I corrected him and said it was either Jessie or Jessica. This went on another 5 times before class was over! It's only at 3 hour class!

The real kicker is that Jancy sits two rows in front of me. Jancy is actually a really hot black guy that is about 6'2, 250 pounds, with beautiful dreads. He is a beautiful beautiful man that I would love to date! We kinda flirt back and forth but haven't really talked a whole lot. He is loving it that I get called his name. He thinks that I'm going to get him a great grade in the class! I'm just shocked that the instuctor can't tell Jancy and I apart... I don't get it...

Jessie AKA Jancy

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LacyGirl said...

I really like that name! And it soounds good next to yours .. he he he ... who is your prof?