Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Mattie Adventures

Tonight I'm babysitting Mattie so my brother and sister-in-law could go out. She is a lot of fun! The last time I posted pictures of her she was having fun digging through the dish towel drawer. Tonight she found a bench and had a blast figuring out how to climb up and down on it. She figured out that if she stood on it she could get the stuff off my end tables. So here are the newest Mattie adventure pictures.

The girl just kills me. She and Lena spent along time playing. My dog is a psycho but when Mattie is around she is pretty chill. She still has lots of energy but she is way more gentle with Mattie then she is with anyone else. Mattie loves her and will laugh and laugh whenever Lena runs close to her. Heck between the dog and the bench I don't think she even played with any real toys tonight. She is easy to entertain that's for sure.


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Debbie Smith said...

Isn't my Granddaughter the cutiet baby.