Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shots Rock

Well it happened tonight! I've been waiting for weeks and it finally happened! My blood sugar was below 200! In fact it was 174!!!!! That is still high but it's so much closer to normal. I'm making progress. The shots are working. Finally some real success!

What's crazy is that every day as I've seen it go down it's made it easier to stick with the eating right and the working out. It's like now that I finally have the help from the shots it's not like I'm trying and seeing no results. Now it's worth it. There is a payoff. I was so thrilled when I saw that 174 pop up! I was so happy that I wanted to reward myself with a big old bowl of ice cream but I didn't do that. Healthy me is not going to sabotage this! So I worked out and I had a really healthy dinner and I just did a happy dance. I can't wait to see what number pops up tomorrow. I think I might be getting this under control.


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Natalie said...

That's great! :)