Saturday, January 12, 2008

Old Chicago

Amanda, Mattie, and I loaded up today and headed to Wichita to see Heather. She couldn't come home this weekend and we were tired of missing her. So we decided if she wasn't coming to us we were going to her. We ended up meeting Heather and Kelci at Old Chicago for lunch. Oh my gosh the food was so good. I have eaten there before and it was good but it was really good today. I'm still full!

Amanda had never seen Heather and Kelci's place before so we took her over there to give her the tour and to hang out for awhile. Mattie thought Heather's was a pretty fun place to play. It was a fun afternoon. Mattie was enjoying the ride back home but Amanda and I had a great day. Now I've just got to get motivated and do some stuff around the house now that I'm back home. I have a lot to get done to get ready for the baby to come home. I'm trying not to do to many baby specific things just in case but I'd like to get some things in order that would relieve some stress if a little baby did show up sometime soon.

So I better get to it.


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