Thursday, June 29, 2006

Birthday Party Day

Today was my birthday party day. Tomorrow is my actual birthday but all my parties were today. At work we all went to lunch at Wings and then we had a cupcake cake that looked like flowers in a pot. It was so cute. I work with the coolest people ever!

Tonight we had my birthday party at my mom's house. It was awesome. Aunt Donna cooked my favorite meal Hawaiian Chicken and we had ice cream cake. I got some cool gifts. Heather got me these cute black cube shelves for my computer room. My mom rocks! I got some candles, a fan that is way cute and retro looking, a couple of neat books, an awesome Americana basket, cookie sheets, funky bright pot holders, and XM satellite Radio for my car!!! How awesome is that! I so wanted XM. That way I can get NPR and that will make me a very happy girl.

I love my mom!!! She was really feeling good tonight and we just had a good time. I'm gonna post some pictures. Fun times!!!


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