Monday, June 05, 2006

Good Day

Today was actually a good day. It's about time for one! Work was busy but not nearly as horrible as last week. No drama. So that is always good. In fact we had Staci's baby shower today. I am beginning to wonder if she is ever having that baby! It seems like she has been pregnant forever. I asked her the other day if it was a baby elephant but she didn't think that was too funny.

Lena was wound up tonight. I took her out to mom's and she wouldn't chill out so we went on a walk. The walk to the mailbox and back usually wears her out but not tonight. So we watered the flowers in the back and she was still wound up so we watered in the front yard and still she was crazy. You would think all that running around would chill her out but no!

I usually leave her on the back porch at mom's. She can be in my house but I don't take her in mom's. She has never really tried to get in the house. But tonight she snuck past us and got in about five times. So then we had to chase her around and catch her and put her back outside. I don't know what the deal was. She isn't usually like that. I think she has figured out that the fun is inside... At least mom likes her and doesn't get upset about it.

For some reason mom calls her Muffin. It think that is so pathetic. It makes her sound like a little sissy. Heather thinks it's all kinds of cute. Since it's mom I let her get away with it but anyone else and we would have to have a little discussion about that. Muffin my butt. It makes it sound like she is edible. And eating puppies is all kids of wrong in my opinion.


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