Sunday, June 18, 2006

Good Day

It's been a good day. Slept in a bit this morning. That was nice! Went to Bel's b-day party for a little bit this afternoon. She is going to be 4 on Thursday. That seems so very wrong to me! She looked adorable today. I forgot my camera!!! How in the world did I do such a thing??? She is turning into a little girl instead of a toddler. It's pretty amazing to watch.

Hung out with Mom, Betty, Donna and Heather for awhile this afternoon. Mom looked good today. Last night was pretty tough for her I guess but today she was doing good. I'm always amazed by her!

Tonight Heather and I went to Topeka for dinner with my G-pa and G-ma Wagoner, Tom & Phyllis, Steve & Jane, Bryan & Meg, Rob & Angela and baby Alex. It was a good time. My grandparents anniversary and my Grandpa's b-day are next week and with Father's day tomorrow we decided to have a little celebration. Very good to see everyone. Alex is getting big. He is pretty fun to be around. A happy guy. And he is chubby which I just love! Babies are just pretty cute.

Heather and I of course drove home in a storm. I don't know what it is about us driving in the rain. Everywhere we go! It's crazy. But Heather is a brave driver and once again she pulled through. Hydroplaning and Hail can't stop Heather! She can drive through anything. We had a good time together. We needed a little girl time to just hang out and talk. She is pretty fun.

Lena is a big girl now. Heather and I were watching a movie after we got home and Lena jumped up on my lap while I was in a chair. She can't usually jump on the couch or chair! She has grown. I just love that! I won't love it next week I'm sure but I was so proud of her. It was like taking her first step or something. Very cool!


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