Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bye Bye Christmas

Well today I had everyone from work over for lunch and staffing. Since we were without an office we made my house our makeshift location for the day. It was kinda cool. I got caught up on my logs and made enough calls on my work cell that I ran the battery out. I could handle the working from home thing. I really dig making calls while I'm laying on my bed. I'm so much more relaxed and comfortable and not angry. I think we should get one day a week like that! I might not hate my job then.

Since I had all these people coming over I decided I better take my Christmas cards down. When I got my Christmas cards in the mail from people I put them around the big door way that goes from my living room to my dining room. That way I could see them all. Well I never took them down. When anyone asked me I just said that I liked them.

The truth is that the Christmas cards were the last thing I associated with my old life. I got all those cards from people that I love before the "cancer" showed up and before Monte asked for a divorce. It's like it was the last sign of what used to be. I didn't want to let them go. Everytime I looked at them it reminded me of a happy time. So I didn't want to let them go....

But I decided it was time. So I took each of them down and looked them over and put them away. I cried a little bit even. I know it is silly but they really meant something so much more to me than the senders would have ever realized. Who would think cards could represent so much... Oh how things have changed since December...


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