Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Office Blues

Well our new office is way different. It is really nice. It's clean and pretty. So that should make me happy. But there are no smiles there. There isn't as much joking around as before. There are more people so it's not like the close family type atmosphere. And it's just kinda weird. I can't see Donna and Darby from my office anymore. They are way far away from me and I don't like that. I can't even hear them most of the time. Just really odd!

My mom decided not to go back for chemo. She is going to a natureopathic doctor now. I'm excited for her since she is so excited. She is ready for an easier softer way. Hopefully this will provide her with that.

I'm tired! I kept waking up last night. I just couldn't sleep. That sucks. Watch though as soon as I go lay down I'll be awake again. No fun!!!


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