Saturday, June 03, 2006


Thank God the weekend is here. This has just been the worst week! Work was horrible, the worst I've ever had at this job. My mom had a rough week which means I had a rough week. Yes I know that is called being enmeshed and I don't care. That's what we are. And we do just fine that way.

But the week is over and the weekend is going so much better!!! I tried to sleep in this morning but some nameless people (Darby and Cricket) think they need to call me at the butt crack of dawn. Lena was even letting me sleep but those two kept calling! So I finally answered the phone so they wouldn't send a search party or something.

Went house hunting with my mom. We found two great houses. One for her and one for me... I wish I could afford to move right now. The house for me was just adorable. I so loved it!!! Someday someday... If only I could sell a few more shakes! I'm hoping my mom's separation stuff with Monte will be resolved next week so she can make a bid on a house and we can get her moved. I think that would help her feel a little more in control.

This afternoon my grandparents and my aunt and uncle Tom and Phyllis showed up at my house. They cut down my drooping tree limbs, fixed my dishwasher, trimmed my yard, weeded my flowers beds and brought me a different mower to use while they work on fixing mine! How awesome is that!!! It was so nice of them. I was standing on my front steps tonight and I could see clearly with no limbs hanging down and I loved it! I'm so glad they came and helped me.

Went to mom's this evening and it was a good time. Charlie, Adair, and Sara came by to visit which was great. They are always great to see. Betty is still here though she thinks she is leaving tomorrow. What she doesn't know is that mom slipped me a $20 to let the air out of her tires so she can't leave us.

Now I'm chilling with Miss Lena. I got her a treat ball thing that you put the snacks in and then she has to push around to get one out. She loves it! It's been keeping her busy for awhile now.

I'm hoping to download some pictures and get them on the site tonight. The batteries in my camera just died so I will have to check and see if I have more. If so I will get some on in a bit.


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