Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crazy Day

Well bad things happened today. It included my mom sobbing, me being tough and then hysterical later, and much drama in between. I'm fed up with the crap we have to deal with. I just want our normal happy life back. It isn't gonna happen so I should just shut up about it!

Anyways after all that Leslie and I had to go to Ottawa and Garnett for work. I was still crying when we got in the car but through my tears I vowed we would make it a fun trip. If you have to work till 9:00 at night you at least have to make it fun. So we decided to find the humor in things. Here is what we found!

1. Big fat Mexican men should not ride motorcycles without helmets on days when the temperature is 103. This guy seriously had fat rolls also known as hotdogs on the back of his head. It looked like sweaty hotdogs in the lane beside us. All bad!!!

2. Our work car (Ford Focus) has this feature where as you speed up and slow down the radio volume increases or decreases. This is so screwed up for a couple reasons.

2a) A Ford Focus is a piece of crap car. The thing makes a horrible groan if you go over 55, it shakes at 65, and smells bad all the time. Crappy cars shouldn't have those kind of features. Whatever happened to cruise control.... That's a feature the Focus can pull off. Not the radio thing.

2b) Leslie is a horrible driver. She speeds up and slows down often and quickly. Therefore this feature is incredibly stressful. When I begin to scream as she drives 90 cutting off semi's no one can hear me over the radio to send help. Then other times when is crawling along at 20 on the shoulder after the cops stop us I can't hear my favorite song anymore. Overall the feature just sucks!

There were a couple other funny things I was gonna tell you but Lena was in the kennel way to long today and is eating my toes of for attention. So I'm done for the night.


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