Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Well it's Father's Day. My Dad is in New Orleans so I didn't get to see him. But I talked to him on the phone. He doesn't read my website but Cricket does so hopefully she will make him read this post... These are the Top Ten Reasons I think my Dad is pretty cool...

1. He loves me.

2. He doesn't judge me even though I make choices that are so different from what he would choose.

3. He is a "crafty bastard". Yes he will know what that means and I don't care if anyone else does.

4. He sends money when I need it and he doesn't even give me the be responsible lecture anymore.

5. He would drop everything and come home if I asked at anytime! He has done it before and I know he will do it again.

6. He treats my mom nice even though they aren't together. That means the world to me!!! When I was a kid he had this plaque that said the best thing a dad can do for his children is love their mother. That is very true. Just being kind and respectful is worth so very much!!!

7. He can fix EVERYTHING!!! He can be in my house like 20 minutes and fix 10 things. That is so cool.

8. He has made sure that I have seen the Monets twice in my life! Who can say their dad has done that. He made sure he raised us kids in a way that we could be comfortable and acceptable in a museum or a McDonald's and that is something not enough parents pull off.

9. He is pretty damn funny!

10. He always takes us kids cool places. He has made sure we have traveled and I love that. Whether it is Vegas, Texas or a ghetto in Boston we have been there and had a great time!

That's what I know. I love you Dad and I hope that today was great for you!!!!



The Bizarre Jokester said...

that's a very nice post!

Kiyotoe said...

I gotta go.....I gotta call my dad. :(

thanks for sharing that. I bet a lot od fathers would love to hear these kinds of things from their kids.

NoMas said...

There's nothing like Daddy!

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

That was a great tribute to your Dad, Jessie! Thanks for sharing - I've been enjoying reading all the entries to the carnival :)

Sanni said...

Thanks for sharing this great post on the Carnival!
May your 2007 be filled with happiness and blessings galore =)