Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ignoring Monday

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. I'm kinda ignoring that. I don't wanna go. This has been the best weekend I have had in awhile and I just don't want to go back to the yuck of the work week. It's so bad when you start dreading work on Sunday afternoon! I wish I could take tomorrow off.

Today was great. Two great days in a row is so awesome. That hasn't happened in a really long time! In fact I can't remember the last time. A lot of our family came to visit today. We had a great lunch together and then everyone went to look at mom's new house. She is so excited and that is thrilling to me.

I got some work done around my house this afternoon and then had some time to chill with the girls and just relax and make some bracelets tonight. I'm addicted to the bracelet making I believe. Our new goal is to get a bracelet in each of the 50 states. We have hit 10 already! So if you know anyone outside of Kansas you just have to get them a bracelet! Leave me a message and I can send them out!


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