Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good Times

What a great day! I actually slept in a bit this morning. That was nice. I really needed some sleep. Mom called and woke me up and told me there was a house we needed to go see. So we went. It's great! Just what she needed. So she bought it. Yep, she made the offer, they accepted. It's gonna be hers. I'm so happy for her! I really think it will be great for her.

After the house buying Heather and I went to Olpe and got boxes. Then Betty and I worked on the puzzle and for some reason Heather decided to pack pretty much everything downstairs at my mom's! Seriously she isn't moving for a month and a half and that girl just packed it up. Betty and I got up from the puzzle and it looked like we had been robbed. I think Heather is really excited.

It was such a relaxing, stress free day today. Mom was in such a good mood. Really happy! I haven't seen her happy like that in months. Very cool! For the first time in weeks I wasn't tired. That was sooooo nice. Lena was super good today. She didn't bite Heather's toes once! I'm so proud of her. Just a good relaxing day! The only thing that would make it better would be a fantastic drink and time to read a good book. Maybe I could cram that in before bedtime...


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