Friday, June 16, 2006


Moving sucks! Our bosses made it sound like all we had to do was pack stuff and the movers would move it all and then we would unpack. That was a lie. It was pretty much a mess! Poor Darby and Donna ended up doing all kinds of crazy stuff they shouldn't have had to do. My guess is Donna won't be able to walk all weekend. Ridiculous. And we couldn't really do much work today. I wasn't even able to get on a computer to check my email until 4:45 today which pretty much sucks. But other than that it was a great day. I think it's pretty funny that today they sent us employee satisfaction surveys. Not the best day to do that!!!

We made bracelets tonight after I got off work. We got quite a few done. I guess we are going to have a booth at Olpe Down Home Days to sell them. So our goal now is to have 100 for there. Good times.

A storm is building outside so I probably ought to get off of here and take Lena out before it starts raining. She won't pee once it starts in. She is weird like that. But I can't really blame her. I wouldn't be to excited about going out and peeing in the rain either. In fact it would really make me uncomfortable. But dogs don't really have much shame. The fact that she can crap with cars driving by is so weird to me. You would think having a crowd would make her nervous but nope...

Over and Out!


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