Monday, June 12, 2006

Puppy Love

Miss Lena is just cracking me up tonight. She is so funny sometimes! What great entertainment. I got home from mom's and was trying to work out and I guess she didn't like it too much. She kept barking and howling at me and the TV screen. I'm thinking she doesn't like my workout video...

After I got done with that I took her outside to play in the backyard. I can't leave her alone out back because even though it is fenced there are some gaps in the fence she can fit through. So I have to watch her and she was ready to play tonight. We played fetch for quite awhile and then chased one another and then practiced sitting. But she was too excited for sitting so we just played some more. Before I knew it 40 minutes had passed and she was another workout in a cute little package. I just love that.

But she really killed me when I took her out front a minute ago. I was talking to the neighbor and heard a rustling sound and turned and looked. There was little bitty Lena dragging a huge tree branch through the yard. She loves sticks but this was no stick! It was HUGE and had leaves on it and it was so much bigger than her. She was a girl on a mission and didn't want to give it up. She wasn't happy when I made her leave it outside.

She is such a joy. Who knew what a wonderful little buddy she would be. Well I guess Darby did. I'm so glad she made me get her! I just love her so much!!!


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Darbis said...

they really are little wonders!! and she is the best $ you've ever spent huh?! i'm so glad miss jess!!