Sunday, July 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

Okay just some random thoughts...

1. The whole space shuttle thing. They sent another one off to space. Yes I'm annoyed by this. Why do they keep shipping people off to space? The shuttles blow up and catch fire and get hit by birds and have cracks in the wings and foam falling off. Doesn't seem like such a good plan to me... And it costs a whole lotta money. Money that could be spent on much better things. Things on earth, like people, and cures for cancer, and food for the hungry. What an idea take care of things on earth before you go to space... I could be a rocket scientist I'm so smart!!!

2. Brittney Spears... I know I swore I wouldn't talk about her. I didn't type a thing when she drove around with her kid on her lap or when she about dropped him. And I didn't say a thing when she did the dateline special and looked like crap. But I have to say something about the naked pregnant magazine layout. IT IS HOT! Seriously I love naked pregnant lady pictures. In fact as most of you know I do black and white pics for my pregnant naked friends. It's just a little gift that I give. I've got some good pics but Brittney's were way HOT. Like she should only be allowed to be pregnant, naked and silent for the rest of her life. No talking, no bad parenting, no gum chewing, no air quotes, just pregnant naked and still. I was impressed!

3. XM Radio... It's the bomb. I have it now. I'm cool like that. I just sit in my car all day listening to it. I only get out of the car to pee and sometimes I don't even do that... :-) I love it! You should get it!!! Everyone should have XM. Where else can you listen to a rap song, two country songs, hear a snippet of Jerry Sienfield and get the news all in a 10 minute period! NO COMMERCIALS! Just FUN! Go buy it!!!!

4. Wal-Mart.... It's still the devil but worse. They are remodeling our Wal-Mart now. I HATE it. I went there to get dog food. It's always in the aisle after cosmetics. It wasn't there. I asked the little people with the blue vests. You know the ones that say "Can I help you?" on the back. They work there, they should help me. They didn't. They sent me all over the place. I never found the dog food. I abandoned my cart and left. A friend told me later they they found it in the lawn and garden section. That makes sense. So often when I'm planting flowers and mowing my yard I need dog food! Wal-Mart SUCKS!!!

Just a few things I know...

Over and Out


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