Saturday, July 29, 2006

To Death

Some people are scaring me to death. I was sleeping peacefully and my doorbell starts ringing. Not once, Not twice but three times!!! Ringing like crazy, all types of loud. Lena is going nuts attacking the door. I'm trying to just wake the hell up. It's 1:45 and I've had a couple mudslides. Things aren't so clear... Is it my dream or is it real. Sleepy time fog and loudness and dogs barking.

It's real. My dang sister and her friends. They left their purses at my house before they went clubbing. They came to retrieve the purses. Not be attacked by a freaked out little dog. But attacked they were. So they left quickly, I'm not sure why they left... We try to make folks feel welcome. Me all dazed and half awake yelling at Lena who is barking and jumping and doing that excited pee... Why would you wanna leave such a happy little home... God I think we scared them to death!!!



1 comment:

Tora said...

yes, a great wonder.

Can't believe they just got scared by THAT.