Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What a Day

This has been such a crazy messy day. Took Lena to the vet this morning then went to work for a bit before my Dr appointment. My appointment ended up taking a hour and twenty minutes. My blood pressure was too high what a shocker. My blood sugar is too high again a shocker and my pulse was racing. My diagnosis is stress. I'm so glad I spent that much money to have them tell me something I already know. I about passed out when they took blood and thought I was gonna have a panic attack when they were talking to me about my mom. Someone said if it was their mom they wouldn't leave town. I'm supposed to go to Texas next week. So not a good morning. I ended up talking to the Hospice nurse later in the day and she said I'd probably be fine to go to Texas. That made me feel better but I keep thinking "probably" it just makes me nervous.

So I go back to the office and I'm not there very long and get word that my mom isn't doing good. So I talk my way out of the court hearings I'm supposed to go to and head to her house. Hospice was there and she was in a ton of pain. They finally got that somewhat under control so that is good but it just scared me. I hate seeing her in pain and I hate that feeling in my gut that says that something bad is just about to happen. It breaks my heart.

Once mom is okay I get a call from Darby that her mom Donna fell at our office and had to be taken to the ER. So since mom was okay I went there. Doesn't god know we can't take much more. Like Darby and I aren't on the edge. Both mom's can't be sick at the same time!!!! We just can't have that. So we finally get to see poor pretty Donna and her face is just crunched up. She broke her nose and put a tooth through her lip and has a knot on her head. She looked a lot better than what I was expecting but she looks so hurt. I just feel so bad for her. She has had so many back surgeries so I'm really worried that she screwed her back up again. I used to call her Donna Broken Back but now she is Donna Broken Nose. Poor girl!

I go pick up Lena and just about cried. I'd been crying off and on anyway. But she looks so ridiculous. Her hair was supposed to be short on top and a long beard and legs. But it's bald on top!!! She was freaking out. She keeps covering her head. I hate it. I keep praying it will grow fast. She is just a mess tonight.

Get home from that and Aunt Donna calls me. For some reason the money from Monte didn't show today so now the closing might not happen tomorrow. Seriously I walked in the bathroom and puked my guts up! I can't take ANYMORE!!! I'm so done today. One more bad news thing and I think I would just keel over. No more bad news!!! So now I'm sitting her typing and shaking because I'm so frustrated. I will never sleep tonight. Even with happy pills.

Over and Out


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