Thursday, July 20, 2006

Time Flies

So it's been a long time. I know. I'm sorry bout ya! I've been a super busy crazy working girl.

My mom's house is done! Like carpet is in and paint is dry done!!! I just have to sweep and mop and it will be a home. I'm happy about that!

My mom is out of the hospital. She is hydrated and her pain is under control. We more under control than out of control. It is better. I'm happy about that too!

My dad and cricket are here. Heather and I were supposed to go to Texas this week but we canceled due to my mom being sicker and the house needing to be done. So they got on a plane and came to see us. I'm happy about that three.

I hung out with Stinna, Bel and Jorgen a bit today. Stinna and Bel helped clean at my mom's place. Jorgen slept and let me hold him and spit up on me. He is little and cute. Bel is big and cute. And Stinna looks like she has never had a baby before. How that happens for some people I will never know.

Lena is doing this weird snorting sneezing coughing thing. It sounds like she has allergies. It's very odd. I don't know about that dog.

I saw two guys walking down commercial street holding hands tonight.

I saw mom's new neighbor beating the hell out of her kid in her front yard and had to call the cops on her. Good times.

I have decided that I never want to build a home or extensively remodel one again in my lifetime. It's a pain in my kiester.

I've decided that people that hang wallpaper on sheetrock without sizing it should be stoned to death.

I have decided that moving when you have cancer makes moving way harder. I wouldn't recommend it.

I've decided that having your mom move while she has cancer about pushes a girl right over the edge. I wouldn't recommend it.

I'm sleeping in my spare bedroom tonight. It's the little bed that has the lump that makes you about fall out. I don't like it but I like having my Dad and Cricket here so I am sacrificing. I'm nice like that.

I don't like that it is super hot in Kansas right now. Like hotter than Africa kind of heat.

I think I waited to long to post.

I think I'm to tired to post tonight.

I think I'm going to bed in the lumpy little bed now with a sneezing, coughing, hacking puppy.

Night folks!


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