Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sidewalk with No Sale

Today was the sidewalk sale downtown. Darby and I were very excited about it. I even ate lunch at my desk so I could have the whole hour to shop and have fun. The sidewalk sale is usually a huge event in town and way fun. They block off the main street through town and have tons of sales and stuff in the street. They usually have funnel cakes and food venders and the fire department opens up the hydrant so kids can get wet. It's just a good time and a ton of people go.

So Darby and I count down the hours and are all excited. We walk out onto the street and nothing. There are cars going by???? What is this. The street wasn't blocked off and nothing was happening. A sidewalk with no sale. It couldn't be... We wandered up and down commercial street and a few stores had things out but nothing good. There were no venders with food. There were no kids playing in the hydrant. There was no fun and no sales! We were so disappointed. It was the worst sidewalk sale ever!!!! I don't know what happened but it was just very wrong.

I really need a new pair of tennis shoes. Mine are worn out. All that walking is wearing them down. So I was planning on the shoe stores having big old sales and me getting some Nike Shocks cheap. Nope didn't happen. They had them $10 off and they were $90! That's ridiculous. Like I'm gonna pay $90 for a pair of shoes and think that is a sale. Absurd. So no new shoes for me. :-(

Over and Out

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