Monday, July 10, 2006

Walking Wonders

Darby and I went walking tonight. We have decided we are doing it every night at 9:00. That way it's starting to cool off and it's starting to get dark. Hopefully it will help us sleep better. And hopefully it will help my blood sugar level out again a bit. I'm having a hard time keeping it okay. Some of it is stress, some of it is not enough exercise and some of it is eating crap to often! Basically I need to take better care of me. What a shocker!!!

I was surprised how quickly the time went. My calf hurt a little bit but my bad ankle didn't. I haven't really worked out since I jacked up my ankle so I thought it might hurt but it didn't... That is a good thing! It was nice to just walk and talk and chill out a bit. I'm so stressed lately that I need that time. I just love my Darbis! Who could ever ask for a better friend?

Miss Lena needs some lovin so I better get off of here and pay attention to her before she chews my foot off.


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