Monday, July 31, 2006

No Fix

I really thought "S" would call today or do something today to fix it. I thought he would call and say what a fool he was and that he did have the time. But he didn't. So it's not a bad dream. It's real. I'm a fool.

And you know what I don't even care. I'm not embarrassed. In fact I'm glad I did it. I never do that and I did. So now I will never have to wonder what if about this. I put it out there and did my part. So that's good and he can do whatever. Maybe he will come around maybe not. But I'm in a much better spot knowing today then not knowing yesterday. Does that make sense?

Work today was long and hard. I was really going to try to hang in there until mid August but Friday is going to be my last day. I'm going to take my FMLA starting Monday. That way I can be with mom and focus on what is really important. I burn up to much energy there that I could be focusing on her. And she is my most important priority. I can work anytime, I can only have this time with my mom now. I have 12 weeks to take and then I can go back and work for the rest of my life if I want.

So that's my plan. Sounds like a good one right??? I sure hope so....


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