Monday, July 24, 2006

Well Rested

Mom's move is over. We got all the moving done on Saturday. All of the major things were unpacked and put away. In fact the Dining Room was almost completely decorated by the end of the day. And the kitchen was complete. Heather and I worked on the living room yesterday. The house looks very good. And mom loves it so that makes it all okay. It was so worth the hard work to have her be happy there!

Yesterday we hung out at mom's for a bit working on some things. Then Dad, Cricket and I all took a nap in the afternoon at my place. We were pretty sleepy and worn out. Heather came over in the evening and we watched the Miss Universe pageant and ate pizza. The girl we liked didn't win but it was okay. The winner was not a bad pick. What's funny is I just read a news story that she passed out about 40 minutes after the show ended. Guess the girl got to excited about having a crown...

I went to bed about midnight but now I'm wide awake. I think the nap threw me off. So Lena and I are chilling. I don't have to work tomorrow so I'm going to breakfast with Dad and Cricket before they head back to New Orleans. I'm going to mom's for a bit after that but I really want to hit the pool for awhile. I used all my vacation time up at work to paint and clean so I really want at least one relaxing day before I go back there. I was just going to take FMLA but hospice said to wait a bit so I have no choice but to go back. So the pool and a good book is the plan to try to make my return less traumatic.

Maybe I will try to go back to sleep.


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