Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well I survived my day back at work. I had so many email messages that it took me a couple hours to just get through those. So I basically spent the whole day getting caught up. So it went fairly fast.... And I didn't cry.

Walked tonight with Darby. We usually only walk about 30 minutes but tonight we went a whole hour. My legs hurt a little but it was good. I like just having the time to vent a little. Keeps me calm I suppose. Well calmer!

My Dad and Cricket went home yesterday so my house is kinda lonely. Just Lena and I now. Lena is missing them I think. She is getting so much better with meeting new people and she kinda likes people now so I think she is a bit bored with just me. She is being pretty snuggly but keeps wandering around the house. I think she thinks that they are just hiding somewhere.

Peace Out


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