Thursday, July 27, 2006

Suburban Super Hero

I'm the suburban super hero today! I solve middle class white girl problems. I don't have a cape or a crown but I have XM radio and a super cool cell phone. It's quite impressive to see me in action....

My first mission of the day came mid morning when I received a call about a fax machine hook up problem. I dropped everything and drove right within the speed limit to my mom's. In a few quick moments with just a minimum number of curse words I installed the fax machine, hooked up the caller idea and set the answering machine. Impressive I know!!! But it does get better.

Mid day brought a cable hook up crisis that once again was solved quickly by the one and only suburban super hero. I didn't even leave my air conditioned office but handled it all over the phone. Directing the cable guy to the appropriate areas of the home and instructing him to the location of the computer hookup. Yes I rock!!!

By 7 when most super hero's are off duty I quickly responded to a call for help. It seems a pack of adorable stray puppies wandered onto the patio area. While they were cute in appearance they were sneaky little devils. They took off with a shoe and a gardening glove forcing me into action. Not only did this suburban super hero save the shoe and glove but I also guided the puppies back home safely. Noble yes!

And at 9:30 I received my last desperate call for the day. A VCR had decided to be stubborn and would not record correctly. So super hero me again drove quickly yet safely to the problem area and corrected the problem. Not another day will pass without Days of Our Lives being taped for my dear Aunt Donna or my mother.

While a super hero's work is never officially done this super hero is tired. So I'm putting my cell phone on silent and turning in for the night.

Suburban Super Hero Out!

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