Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Black Eye

Okay things are a bit out of sorts at my house right now. Shawn and Amanda came to visit. That is good. But Jessie has a little house. So since they are a couple and I am a single I decided I'd take the little bed in the spare room and give them the big bed. So I'm in the twin bed which makes no sense because you couldn't fit me and a twin in that bed. But whatever. That's where I went night night last night. Well they were supposed to show up in the middle of the night. So Roy stopped by and wanted to wait and see them. So I put him on the couch. So this is what it was like.

Me in little baby bed crunched against the wall trying not to fall out. Royferd on the little couch trying not to fall off and then Shawn and Amanda didn't get here till 5:18 this morning. So then Roy and I were just awake. So we are sitting on my couch talking at about ohhhh 5:42 and Roy's cell phone beeps. He had been charging it and it was done charging. Dang I'm a nice ex girlfriend. I loan out my couch and my electricity.

So anyways we talk, phone beeps and Roy decides to unplug it. Smart move. NO!!! Instead of like reaching over and unplugging it he just tugs it and yanks the thing out of the wall. And at about 5:44 the cell phone charger slams into my eyeball!!!! And what do those three jerks do while I flop about on the floor in pain???? They laugh uncontrollably! Assholes!

So after like 10 minutes Roy says he is sorry for slamming it into my pretty little eyeball and Shawn suggests ice and I quit crying. It hurt dang it! It's a good thing I'm a fast blinker or those little plugs would have rammed right into my cornea and blinded me! I would have been real mad then!

So my eye hurts now. It's not black. It was puffy for a little bit and then went down. It stings a bit and I'm having flash backs but it's not gonna bruise. Next time my ex boyfriend wants to charge his phone though I'm saying NO!!!


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