Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Long Day

This has felt like the longest day ever! I got up early and went over to Darby's to stay with Caden. I think the poor little guy is traumatized. He woke up and was just talking away all happy so I went in to get him out of the crib and he looked up at me and just started bawling. Then he sat on the couch and cried for a while. He would cover up his eyes with his blanket and start to calm down and then peek out and see me and start crying again. I think he thought he would look up and eventually his mom or dad would be there.

Caden knows me. It's not like I'm a stranger. But I've never been there in the morning. I think he just freaked out with the change in routine. It just wasn't supposed to be like that to him I'm sure. He kept pointing at pictures and saying mama and daddy. But after about 10 minutes I won him over with a cereal bar and toys... I can make awesome sound effects for the little people animals. When you are two you can't resist that! So he ended up being fine. But it was a rough start for him.

Work just seemed to drag on forever today. I got a lot of stuff done but it felt like I was there for three days in one. Everyone was tired and a little cranky and we just didn't want to be there. I'm dreading going back tomorrow. I don't have anything on my schedule and I did all my busy work today so tomorrow will be just great I'm sure!

Mom was doing good this evening. She looked good and seemed to have a lot of energy today. I keep thinking that one day I will just go out there and it will all be normal again. That she will be healed and better and this cancer crap will be behind us. Maybe not but on her good days I think it might be a mistake and the doctor's might be wrong.....


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