Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well it's the first day of spring and it doesn't feel that way here. It's been raining for two days. But boy is my grass getting green! It's a perfect nap day so I'm gonna head out to mom's in just a little bit and sleep there. I've figured out that when she naps it's the perfect time for me to nap too. We have a good little sleep system.

Karla my birthmom came to visit yesterday. She stayed the night and then just headed back a little bit ago. It was very nice to visit with her. I really enjoyed the time. She has never seen my house. When she came to my college graduation I was still in my old house so it was nice for her to be able to see where I'm at now. And she got to spend some time with my mom so that is good.

Well better head out to mom's before I fall asleep here!


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