Monday, March 27, 2006


Well it's been a Monday. Just crazy busy and a little overwhelming. I'm not a big fan of Monday's. However, the new girl at work Leslie seems to be alright. She really jumps right in and does stuff. While I still have a lot of training to do with her she really doesn't hesitate to get things done. I'm impressed. I think she may hang in there.

Filled out the paperwork tonight to appeal the social security determination for mom. Kinda a hassle but well worth it if we can get it straightened out. What a mess! Who knew being sick would be such hard work for a person. Doesn't seem right that when you are feeling your worst you have to fight so hard for things. I don't get it.

tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn I'm going over to Darby's to watch Caden. Her and Chris both have early morning appointments so someone has to stay with him. For some reason they don't like to leave their toddler unsupervised.... I just don't get it. He got all those cool toys for his birthday, I bet he could stay occupied for awhile.

Better get to bed


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