Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tumbling in Review

Darby asked if Bel actually "did" tumbling this week. And the answer is kinda! The first time we went involved much crying and arguing and lack of participation in anything other than somersaults or frog jumps. But she did better this time. There was no crying so that is big success!

She did all of the things the other kids did. Just in her own unique Bel type way. She for sure dances to her own tune. They were doing the balance beam and she was very excited about it. So excited she wouldn't wait in line and about knocked another little kid off to go again. And she informed the teacher that her big finish involves a somersault rather than the hands in the air... And at one point she did kicks clear across the gym while the other kids stayed in the designated area.... But there was NO CRYING!!!

As we were leaving she said, "I didn't cry like a baby this time, but I know I'm not a good listener..." I didn't really know what to say to that so I just replied that maybe she "could work on that." God I love that kid. A part of me thinks that the lack of attention and focus is a bad thing. But then I love it that she does her own thing and doesn't get caught up in other people's ideas of how things "should be". Seriously why do kids have to walk in straight lines? At least my girl isn't afraid to zig zag... I think I'll keep her. She may never be the best tumbler but dang she is funny and she is unique and that is better than any frog jumper I've ever seen!!!


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